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Your 7 Step Guide to Home Renovation Loans in 2024 in India

Published on :2024-02-26

A Comprehensive Guide to Home Renovation Loans in 2024

Your home is an abode, a sanctuary where you spend the rest of the day after returning from work. So, residing in a cosy, comfortable space makes your experience more rewarding. With interior design making new headlines every year, every homeowner should consider investing in renovation.

So, how often have you thought of saving money for home renovation? And how often have you failed at doing so? Home renovation is indeed a big project. And spending the whole amount in cash might be a taxing affair. Home renovation may be a pricy endeavour.

Everyone cannot afford to spend the whole amount from one’s income or savings. That's where the significance of home renovation loans comes into being. With a home renovation loan, you can carry out renovation or repair work to your existing home.

Preparing for a Home Renovation – The Most Important Parameter to Consider

Amidst your preparation for the home renovation, the most crucial parameter is the cost. Your budget is a significant factor that evaluates the renovation project's design, type, and other aspects. And the best way to keep up your budget is by choosing a home renovation loan.

So, if you are planning to consider home renovation, it's time to understand everything on this front. This post has highlighted the most important factors that evaluate a home loan. So, before you choose the lender to apply for a home loan, here's your guide to home renovation loans in 2024.

Understanding Interest Rates –

Interest rates are the amount of money in addition to the total loan you borrow. You can get a loan at a fixed rate. It offers predictability in monthly payments. However, you can find some loans with variable interest rates. Here, the rate varies based on the market's scenarios.

Which Type of Loan You Want

Next, you must find a wide range of home renovation loans available online. The best example is the home renovation loan. This type of loan helps borrowers undertake house renovations. The loan amount can range anywhere between INR 5 lakhs and INR 50 lakhs. At India Shelter, you can get a home renovation loan at affordable interest rates.

Learning about the Loan Amount You Need for the Renovation Project

Another crucial thing to consider is your house renovation loan amount that you require for the project. The amount borrowed by you may depend on various parameters.

You also need to evaluate the repayment periods, as they may vary from one lender to another. In simple words, home renovation loans have fixed terms, but some may have a draw period alongside additional repayment periods.

Assessing Your Eligibility Criteria –

Eligibility criteria are another important aspect you must evaluate before applying for a loan. Lenders consider the credit score while approving the renovation loan. Having higher CIBIL scores increases your eligibility. It might also offer lower interest rates.

The loan-to-value ratio is another parameter. You can assess your home renovation loan eligibility with it. The ratio is the total loan amount to the home's estimated value. Your lender might have certain limits on the ratio. So, you must consult your lender beforehand.

You must also determine your debt and income. They assess your eligibility for repaying the loan. Higher income and lower debts result in better rates.

Costs and Other Fees Associated with the Home Renovation Loan –

Home renovation loans are quite similar to a mortgage. So, it may have closing costs. The home renovation financing may include appraisal fees, application fees, and additional charges. You must also check for penalties for failing to pay the loan on time.

You must define your renovation budget as it ensures that you borrow only the required amount (and nothing extra). Before choosing the loan, you should compare the quotations offered by renovators.

Final Word

The home loan interest rates serve a significant role in determining your eligibility for the loan. With the above parameters in mind, you can look for the most suitable home loan that suits your preferences and requirements. 

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