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How We Make a Difference!

IndiaShelter focuses on initiatives which support the underprivileged sections of the society in becoming self-reliant and productive citizens of the country. The company believes that it has a commitment towards its stakeholders i.e. employees, customers and the community which it thrives in. That’s why every year; a portion of its earned profits is used for the upliftment of the weaker sections of the society. We believe that absence of social responsibility compromises with the company’s identity. It is a pivotal stance for us to work for the society.

We have a CSR policy which lays down the action plan for defining how CSR is to be implemented and is in compliance with the Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013. The key thrust areas that we currently are focusing on are livelihood enhancement and empowerment programs for women and promoting education among children of financially weaker communities.


Vidya Bhawan Society, in its objective of creating a more just, democratic, equitable and pluralistic society, has been catering to the needs of diverse sections of learners; which is reflected in the nature and work of all its institutions. The eight decades long journey converges into a vivid garden of over a dozen Institutions encircling various stages of a person's life; i.e. schooling, higher and technical education, individual and social developmental works and building a repository of educators through teachers' training. The vision of Vidya Bhawan is to build responsible and capable citizens by providing democratic, secular and socially meaningful quality educational experience.


The Trust was formed in 2013 to work and contribute towards the noble cause of financially supporting leukemia or blood cancer affected children. Their mission is to:

› Facilitate early detection of Leukemia (Blood Cancer) in children by creating awareness.

› Provide financial assistance & support to maximum under-privileged children battling leukemia, across the country.

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